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Wrap around porches make me swoon....

I don't know if it was Gone with the Wind, or just growing up in rural Texas.... but gosh darn, I love me a wrap-around porch!  That image just evokes rocking chairs, sweet tea and good times with family... in a sense, a sweet feeling. Aside from increasing your home's warm and fuzzy feelings, adding a porch offers a new outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. 

And size doesn't matter.It's all in how you utilize the space and capitalize on its potential. But how do we do that?  Well, check out these go gaga for, lust after, covetable spots, and see why creating your own porch oasis is your next DIY. (and of course, for more, follow my pinterest boards... I'm addicted!)

This porch beckons me with it's simplicity. Clean colors, natural tones and plant life, invite you into the home. Notice the curtain rod along the top of the porch? Excellent for breezy curtains or as a support for vines that are sure to flower in the spring. 

Nothing says springtime relaxation to me like a porch swing. I particularly appreciate the simple fan in the ceiling to circulate the air. The way this is done just makes me feel like I'm in a Hallmark movie. The unique planters are a nice touch to provide the greenery with a touch of privacy. This is something to be replicated on any sized porch.

By now, you've probably detected that I definitely love clean, fresh colors (or lack thereof). This porch is simple, yet relaxing with a pair of rockers and an easy side table that can serve as a place for holiday decorations and a planter table. This is definitely one of those sitting on the front porch type of oasis.

Not only do I love all things Joanna Gaines... guilty, I know! But this girl loves some boho touches. Having lived in apartments with tiny patio/porch spaces, I know that having a tiny space doesn't mean its short on attitude. I love the simplicity of a hammock and a low maintenance plant. I also like how they used lattices for privacy-- a takeaway for any porch design newbie. 

Creating a porch space to lust after, you cannot forget the steps (if you have them). I have seen many variations on this, but I love the mix of old and new, rustic and white as planters to add some color to an otherwise stark white porch. It just gives it that something else. Best of all? Those ferns are fairly low maintenance.... and my personal hack is to pot them in slightly bigger plastic pots, putting rocks at the bottom of the fancy planter for drainage and just plopping the plastic one in. That way, its easy to change out with the seasons or inclement weather, so you're not lugging gigantor into the house....

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.... Pinterest is my favorite place to gather inspiration.... Don't dig the farmhouse/eclectic boho vibe that I adore? No problem, look for the inspiration that fits your style, and maximize that porch!!

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