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Why Choose Me: A Buyers Packet

With so many agents at your disposal, how do you choose the right (WRIGHT..lol) one for you? For me, when I was choosing a realtor to purchase my first home.... (back when I was teaching.... okay it was a bit over a year ago, but it feels like an eternity... and a lot has changed my life since then)...  And just like this Forbes article tosses around, I chose someone that I felt comfortable with. Plain and simple.

   Let me paint you a picture. I'm a single woman, looking to find a cheaper alternative to renting. In the five years in my apartment (at the same complex and everything), my rent had slowly progressed from $900 a month to a whopping $1300 and they wanted to increase again! And that was for a 1-bedroom apartment, and no it wasn't luxury by any means. I'm also teaching. Which means being paid piddly amounts if you start to look at time invested and workload (at times almost 80 hour weeks... #voluntold #thenorm). It's definitely difficult to live when you teach in an impoverished school with limited resources, paying out that rent. The struggle was real. I started to realize that INVESTING in my future by purchasing my first home, would bring the expenses down a bit and give me room to breath.  So back to my agent. I'm a stressed out teacher, trying to find a home, which is a huge, scary purchase and I needed someone I could lean on. Someone I could trust. Someone who had the knowledge to guide me through this transaction. For me, that was someone I had known/followed on facebook since our college days (#WHOOP!) and had been a teacher like me. She understood what I was going through and helped me determine when I was ready and was the most patient human being on the planet. And I don't mean that gratuitously. I put that poor girl through the ringer. When you have a limited budget and are indecisive on location (I had it narrowed down to three basic geographic areas... 1.-where I was living-ish, 2-close to the loop for easy commute but a bit quieter, and 3-in my hometown near by parents..... super rural). The thing is, in the DFW area, a lot of first time homebuyers were looking in my price range, as were a ton of investors. Things moved quickly! I even remember one selling while we in the showing! Crazy Town! But through it all, my agent was patient and kind and completely focused on helping me find my, at the time, forever home.

    I say all this to explain, that even though there are like a bajillion resources that can guide you to finding an agent, the best agent, etc. It all comes down to your gut. Now, your gut doesn't need to guide you to a career in real estate working on the same team as your realtor as mine did. It simply needs to help you find someone that you can connect with and share in this journey with. 

   Where do I come in? Well, my broker came up with this buyers consultation packet and it helps explain what services we provide as your realtor. (I say we, because being on a team provides my clients with the best possible care/resources/experience possible.)  If you want to check out this resource, shoot me a message and I'll get one to you to peruse!  (and no, its not the only thing we provide, its just the bread at olive garden ;) )

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