• Michele Wright-REALTOR®

What you need to know about home inspections...

Whew! You've made it past the first hurdles-- you found a house you love and the offer was accepted. Now it's time to get that bad boy inspected so you know what you're dealing with and so you know what repairs you might need to have done (Think: there is no such thing as a perfect house. Even brand new builds often need one or two tweaks!)

I always recommend very detailed and thorough inspectors. I would much rather know what you are getting into, rather than an inspector that wasn't as detailed and have you run into issues a month down the road. I warn my clients, that often the detailed ones will leave you feeling a bit uneasy with the amount of issues found-- but that's their job. The really good ones will talk you through what the major flaws are and what can be handled with a trip to the hardware store. 

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