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Weatherford "Tech"...

Growing up in a smallish town, there will always be part of you that yearns for the nostalgia and hopes things never change. But that's just not life. Towns grow, amenities are added, and change is inevitable. As a Realtor®, I always want to bring the most bang for the buck to my clients. (And that applies to finding the best towns for them to live in!). Welcome to Weatherford. A town that serves as a county seat, has all the modern day appeals, and a healthy dose of the small town charm of yester-year. Situated about 30 minutes West of Fort Worth, my hometown can provide you with options to get away from it all, and still have a manageable commute (if you work in the "big city").

But Michele, your title said "tech"? Well, our amazing team at City Hall has worked earnestly in the recent years to advance the tech available to our residents. Here is a snapshot of what they offer:

  1. Experience Weatherford (website)- This site is updated DAILY with all the goings-on in town, eats, events, etc. Did you know we are the Cutting Horse Capital of the World and the Peach Capital of Texas? Find out more at the link.

  2. Weatherford Eats App (link to the apps)- (formerly the experience weatherford app) App available on iTunes and GooglePlay. This app highlights places to eat, their hours, links, COVID-19 updates to restaurant availability and anything delivery related. If it's about food in Weatherford, it's probably on the app!

  3. City of Weatherford (Facebook Page)(City Website)- This facebook page is also updated DAILY! They share information from all the departments within the City of Weatherford, share updates about goings-on (events, COVID-19, etc) and even have a weekly podcast on Tuesday mornings to give updates on EVERYTHING and answer questions live.

  4. myWeatherford App (link to the apps) Android and iPhone users rejoice, because the City of Weatherford also has an app! This one allows you to submit service requests (if you see potholes or whatnot), bill pay for city services, web mapping and more. And the issue reporting even includes status updates and responses so you can see how the team handled your submission!

  5. Economic Development (website)- Own a business or corporation and thinking about moving to Weatherford? Head over to this website to find out more!

Weatherford is steeped in history (as seen in some of my previous posts), but also takes great care in providing us with current trends in social media and app design. And as always, if you want to move to Weatherford, give me a shoutout-- I would love to assist you in finding your forever home!

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