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Weatherford is a town steeped in history. Among its' claims to fame are being the cutting horse capital of Texas, its' inspiration for the Lonesome Dove books and, in my biased opinion, a great place to eat. Don't get me wrong, as a food lover, there are many places that delight my tastebuds, but there is something so wonderful about down-home cooking and small mom and pop restaurants that just steals my heart.  So if you want to indulge in our cuisine, this list (in no particular order) will hopefully give you some insights and make your mouth water:

#1 for Shaved Ice (and more) While there are several snow cone stands and great places to get slushies (#sonic) in town, my favorite on the list will be Funky Munky. This places serves up the best snow cones, and have drive thru, dine in and food truck options. Their "patio" has games and shade and the interior has plenty of eye grabbing decoration. Not in the mood for snow? They have a menu of hotdogs and hamburgers to serve your wild beasts.

Old Fashioned Burgers and Shakes Want to relive the 50s? Or maybe you just are really craving a friendly smile serving an old-fashioned malt? This place has been around literally forever, and always has a customer. Drive-thru is the most common way to order these days, but they do have a park and walk up order counter. Just a classic that Weatherford can stand behind.

Fried Pies and More If its classic food you are wanting, then you can't go wrong with Hutch's. This place still serves classic fried pies every morning. For the fruit enthusiasts, peach is well known in Parker County, although lemon is probably my favorite. Craving something more? They have all sorts of breakfast pies with combos of egg, cheese, bacon, sausage and anything else you could think of. Not an early person? Great, there is a little known fact that they serve delicious lunches. Their sandwich combos are under 6 bucks and are soo good and soo filling. Yum!

Did you say sandwiches? You can't mention a sandwich shop in Weatherford without giving a nod to Yesterday's. Another classic, this place is right off the square, down the street that is filled with boutiques and antique stores. As they make their fresh bread in house DAILY, the smells of Rye and Sourdough can be tasted up and down the street. Not only do they offer hearty sandwiches, my favorite thing to purchase is their soups. You can just taste the love. 

There are 3? If its love you are after, then pick one of the 3 R&K restaurants in town. Growing up, I have memories of chicken fried steaks as big as your face, so many side dishes to accompany it and a never-ending glass of sweet tea. Several times throughout the year they also offer all you can eat catfish, and when you go you'll see all the "old-timers" stop by for a chat. Did I mention they also have heaping breakfasts? (and all of this home-cooked goodness between $5-10 a plate, depending on what meal you partake)

Have a fondness for Vintage Cars? Look no further than Vintage Cafe. This bar and grill is attached to part of Weatherford's own vintage car museum and collection. With indoor and outdoor seating allotments, there are lots of downtown views to choose from. I recommend the Yardbird to anyone wanting a deliciously grilled chicken. They are also known for their generous burgers and Sunday morning brunch menus.

If it's burgers you want.... Ok, this place takes the cake for amazing burgers. I have several favorites, as do many of their nice waitstaff. It's just too hard to choose. But one thing we all can agree, you have to try the fried green beans-- so yummy and fresh tasting. Needing an adult libation with your burger- no problem-- they have a bar inside that hosts several local breweries selections as well as some classics.  And if you are looking for more surf and turf-- walk next door to Saltwater (owned by the same person and the food caters the same attention to details).

Mexican food? There are several Mexican, tex-mex and latin flavored restaurants in town. Many of which are parts of well-known chains, but as this list is attempting to focus on local favorites, I couldn't let it go without Antonios. (they did open a second restaurant in/near the county, but its still a mom and pop type of place and warrants a mention). The atmosphere is very family friendly, even with the bar on the side, and the waitstaff are incredibly accommodating. I particularly love that the owner/manager are frequently in house talking to their loyal customers. My favorite is to get the queso to share with mom and the beef fajitas. My mother loves the chicken flautas and my dad the chile relleno is frequently chosen. (I clearly am biased because its a place we frequent often, as I do with the rest of this list...)

There are so many yummy places to try, that evoke tastebuds and fond memories from many of our locals, but I wanted to give you a "taste" of my 8 most frequented places and why I love them. If you're thinking of moving to Weatherford-- your belly will be full and I can definitely help you find your dream home! Happy hunting!

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