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Weatherford is steeped in history.  It is a great place to absorb culture and explore the past.  Below is a brief sample of what we have to offer for history buffs.... who knows, maybe you'll find some more hidden treasures to add to this list....  (the names are the links to their individual websites.)

Doss Heritage and Culture Center

from their website: "The mission of the James and Dorothy Doss Heritage and Culture Center is to collect, preserve, and interpret the history of Parker County through cultural and educational events that raise community awareness and pride in our western heritage."

They have a variety of educational programs, activities and even a log cabin village to explore. Admission is free, so bring the whole family!

Mary Martin and Larry Hagman

A famous stage and screen actress, Mary Martin, was born right here in Weatherford. She is often revered for her portrayal of Peter Pan (and a statue commemorating this is located in front of the Weatherford Public Library). She is also notable for being the mother of "Dallas" actor, Larry Hagman (he has many other credits to his name!).  There is a permanent exhibit at the Doss Heritage Center to see memorabilia and more.

Museum of the Americas

from their website: "The goal of the Museum of the Americas is to nurture understanding of and appreciate for diverse peoples, their history, the beauty they create, and their struggles to survive and preserve their culture when adapting to a changing and often harsh world."

​If you want to experience rich colors and culture, then this is the museum to go to. They have a range of permanent exhibits, as well as special exhibits to enlighten and enliven you.

The National Vietnam War Museum

Boasting both indoor and outdoor exhibits to honor those that fought in the Vietnam War, this museum "designed to tell the unbiased story of the more than 5 million servicemen and women who served there; the civilian contractors who supported their efforts; the Vietnamese people, their culture and history; and those on the home front, both those who supported and those who protested the war."

Loving and Goodnight

Have you ever heard of little book (and subsequent blockbuster films) Lonesome Dove? Well, it was based on two true cowboys, Oliver Loving and Charlie Goodnight, that lived right here in Parker County.

For further reading and exploration:

​An article from American Cowboy

Oliver Loving's Gravesite in Weatherford

An article from the Weatherford Democrat on the Doss Heritage Exhibit on Loving and Goodnight

Oliver Loving Wikipedia

The Pythian Home

aka, the Castle on the Hill. Many in Weatherford have seen or driven past this monument, knowing very little about its past or present.

"The Texas Pythian Home opened on March 1, 1909, as a home for widows and orphans of Knights of Pythias members. The Pythians made the decision to build the Home in Weatherford, Texas, due to the amount of land given as well as the support of the community. Three hundred acres were donated to the Pythians to build the castle-like structure.... The Pythian principles of Friendship, Charity, and Benevolence continue to be the driving force behind the organization that supports the Home. Pythians who see the needs of others and reach out to meet those needs are the reason the Home is here."

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