• Michele Wright-REALTOR®

How to Replace a Kitchen Sink...

It's February, and the cabin-fever has set in. But what should you do? Whether you just purchased your home, are preparing to list it in the spring, or just want to fix a problem in your home... there are many things you can attempt on your own. 

For me, I turn to "the google" and "the youtube" when I am about to start a project. (Honestly, it helps me look for reassurance that I can do it myself, or gives me the "time to call an expert" face punch that I need.). One of my go-to spots is "This Old House", you know, the one you used to watch on PBS when you were a kid and there was nothing else on the other three channels, so you learned some stuff? That same one. They are still around and still offering great advice to any homeowner-- and now on YOUTUBE!. So without further ado: 

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