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How to Curate Art for Your Home

The right artwork can transform any room in a home. It also has the unique ability to display the homeowner's personality, character and energy. With that in mind, choosing the right pieces can feel overwhelming to new homeowners. But have no fear- I am here to help with some basics.

Find a statement piece.

One of the easiest ways to select a collection of pieces for a room is to start with one central, or focal piece. This can be a meaningful photograph that was professionally enlarged on canvas or in frame, or an eclectic print you found at that one garage sale. Once you find a piece you really love, set it as an anchor and select other pieces to complement it in theme or color.

Play with colors.

A problem I encounter as a realtor is clients getting caught up with the idea that all artwork in the room must fit the color theme of the room itself. Although this can be a starting place, don't be afraid to step outside the box and choose art in contrasting colors to draw your eye in or think about black and white pieces. And don't let color end with the frame. Not every frame must be the same color or style. (You may want them to be in the same family, ie cousins but not twins.... if that makes sense).

Be selective with size.

When selecting art for a room, knowing where it will be placed on the wall will help with determining size and scale. As a general rule of thumb, pieces of art should be hung about 57-60 inches (5 ft) from the ground and usually 6-8 inches between pieces and the top of any furniture. (Of course, you can always do the large framed art leaning off of a buffet or the mantle, but that works best when layering art pieces, but maybe not FINE ART).

Try a gallery wall.

If you have a large wall or stairway waiting to be adorned, a gallery could be an excellent option. This allows you to incorporate a lot of different pieces in one place. The possibilities are endless- images with similar texture or color or material, or mix and match in an eclectic way, or match treasured family photographs with decor pieces and framed art. I suggest pinterest for a plethora of examples.

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