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Fixer Upper: Weatherford edition...

I, like many people, am obsessed with Fixer Upper. To be honest, any home renovation show on HGTV has me smitten. I just absolutely love the concept of taking something that needs a little love, sprinkling in some creativity and voila! made new again. It's probably why I love crafting and thrifting so much! As a realtor, sometimes that translates into looking for older properties that just need a little love and envisioning how I would improve, enhance, and restore a property. So today, that's what this post will be about.... seeing the potential in my hometown. (I put them in ascending price order to organize the list.)

**DISCLAIMER: I am not the list agent on any of these properties, but I found them on my IDX and wanted to share! If you would like to see them in person, reach out to me and I can set up an appointment.**

302 Jennifer Court      $75,000      LINK

Calling all artists and creatives! This one needs some serious landscaping and a whole lot of love! But, there is something inspiring about an A-frame house and all that land space. I could picture Bob Ross living in a unique home like this....

405 S. Bowie Dr.     $105,000   LINK

I think there is some grace when you take an old church and convert it to a dream home. I've seen this gem on the market for quite some time and I see endless possibilities for and amazing family room in the main church part-- Expose the beams, add a wall for the pulpit to become a kitchen and my heart flutters.... 

7106 River Trail     $110,000    LINK

If you ever wanted to get on the tiny home bandwagon, this is a great one to try! This cottage has been well taken care of, right down to the quaint garden. If I were to "fix up" this, it would mostly be paint, some new wallpaper, and probably painting the ceiling, but I pretty much love everything else! I could see myself living there.

1214 Franklin Street    $140,000     LINK

So this is zoned as commercial and would make the cutest boutique!!! Update the appliances, some white and gray paint and this place will shine! And for that price for commercial?! Even better!!!

1311 Madison Street      $165,000   LINK

So much potential! 4/2, and plenty of mature yard/garden space. I would say with some paint, new floors and some tile work in the bathrooms and kitchen, and this one could be a true gem! It's located off of North Main and is just waiting for the right touch.

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