• Michele Wright-REALTOR®

Company (or a showing appointment) is coming!

This video cracks me up. We've all been there.... either from being the kid hearing mom lose it moments before company comes over or being the "mom" and trying like crazy to get it all in order. 

All kidding aside, this is something to consider when your home is listed for sale and you have an appointment set- another agent and their clients will be viewing your home and trying to picture themselves living their and hopefully submitting an offer to make it their own. The last thing you want is your bra hung up to dry in the laundry room or dirty dishes filling the sink.  

How to deal? Aside from having the home staged and ready to leave, clean it like company is coming. And not your best mom friend that understands the crazy, but that one really judgmental auntie that would bring a white glove and wipe behind your toilet to find something to complain about if she should- clean it that clean.  Think of it this way, your home is going on a first date, and second dates are not even an option, its this and then marriage.... so you want that first impression to be spot on.

So go on, be that crazy mom in the video, or Miss Hannigan from Annie, and make that place shine like the top of the chrysler building! 

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