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Cheryl's She-Shed

I can't be the only who has seen this commercial! lol. But my obsession with Pinterest and having this commercial etched in my brain had me on the hunt! So I decided to make the most of it and find 5 absolutely darling she-shed's to inspire your own redecoration for an outdoor space that is lust-worthy. 

Without further ado.... here are my top 5, in no particular order:

1. Shabby Chic

This one evokes my love of Pride and Prejudice in its dainty white beauty.  It's beautiful to look at and makes me dream that I would be a more white-friendly type of person....   

2. Garden Oasis

I think I'm equally obsessed with chandeliers (as much as someone who doesn't actually have any her own home is allowed to be). They add a bit of glamour to a "one-with-nature" type of space. I also love the use of windows to capitalize on the beautiful garden space. Its a wonderful place to get lost in a cup of tea and one's thoughts.

3. Fresh French Country

This french country style she-shed has nods of elegance, comfort and a bit of whimsy as it mixes patterns ad styles in the blue family. Its use of lamps and hidden wine display looks like a great lady-cave. ;)

4. The She-Shed Pub

What if you aren't the "dainty type"? This She-Shed is for you! I love the punny chalk board, the whiskey barrel inspired chairs and table, and its low-key welcoming vibe. A perfect space for dishing on husbands and having a rowdy space for the ladies... or I guess, a man cave... if they earn it? 

5. Boho Farmhouse Style

I keep seeing this type of approach to home interiors and I love it in a shed as well. It's clean white touches, natural / wooden  elements, farmhouse / industrial lighting and pops of tribal elements give it a unique vibe. (If I ever get around to redoing the inside of my shed, I would hope I could make it look like this!)

Not just the inside has to have flavor.... for more inspiration, head over to my pinterest pages (@wrightnextdoor, and @ragweedandlace) to see more exterior shed ideas.... 

the outside of my she shed.... (before it was plain vanilla yellow... with a sad space...)

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