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Be one with Nature... or something like that...

Something about longer daylight hours just begs me to go outside and do stuff. As I practice real estate in Parker and Tarrant counties, I like to find local things to keep me occupied. And since I actually reside in Weatherford, I figured I would give a shoutout to my hometown, and highlight a few of our "commune with nature" type of activities/parks.

As with the majority of my posts, none of these are in any particular order, but might give you a bit more insight into activities Weatherford can offer. (Click the name of the amenity for a link to a website that explains more).  For more information about Weatherford events and more, head over to www.experienceweatherford.com/

Town Creek Hike & Bike Trail

If you need to bike out 3 miles and enjoy the sights and sounds of Weatherford nature, in the heart of Weatherford, then this trail is for you. It was opened in 2011 and currently has four trailhead locations. Runners, if you prefer running at dusk or night, bring a headlamp as some stretches of the paved trails aren't strongly lit.

Lake Mineral Wells State Park Trailway

If you are looking for a longer stretch of trails, to walk, run or ride a horse (I've done all three at some point or another growing up and oh the memories)... then I recommend this trailway. There is a trailhead that starts in Weatherford and meanders the 20 something miles through Garner and Mineral Wells. The Weatherford Trailhead is located by Cartwright Park.

Cartwright Park

Weatherford has more parks than I sometimes realize, but this one is the largest in terms of acreage (a whopping 150 acres: which is like just a 5th of Central Park in New York!)  I learned how to fish on Sunshine Lake's 30 acre "pond" and it has the entrance to the Trailway mentioned above. It is also home to Weatherford's Soccer Association.

Cherry Park(&Pool)

Perhaps the most notable park in town is Cherry Park. Why? Because it is also home to the town's public aquatic center. The park itself has an outdoor stage, a 1/4 mile paved trail, a pavilion and gazebo available for rent, an indoor space with amenities, a basketball court, brand new park equipment for the littles and plenty of green space to play a bit of soccer, or  break a sweat with Camp Gladiator. The pool was renovated this year and looks stunning!

Holland Lake Park

In terms of Parks with special memories.... Holland Lake Park has them! I've probably explored every trail, fed the ducks, been chased by a goose and peaked into the windows of the old cabins at this park. Adjacent is Camp Holland which was a day camp for Girl Scouts, has been revived by the Boy Scouts and you'll often find them hiking around. The park also serves as one of the trailheads for the TownCreek Hike and Bike trails.  There are plenty of grills and picnic spaces as well as pavilions and restroom facilities, and the SoftBall Complex.

Clark Gardens

Boasting 50 acres of botanical bliss, this park hosts wheelchair accessible paths, waterfalls, ponds and lakes and G-scale model trains. It also has 9 beautiful venues for your wedding or other events, as well as numerous plant sales and community education moments. 

Chandor Gardens

Looking for a botanic surprise closer to the heart of town? Chandor Gardens is 3.5 acres of Chinese architecture blending with formal English garden nestled in Weatherford, TX. It's charming paths meander through beautiful waterfalls, fountains and ponds, with lush vegetation at every turn. It's no wonder this facility is often used for weddings with outdoor spaces that can accommodate 200 people and a 5600 sq ft mansion as well.

There is so much more to explore in and around town, so be sure to use that link above to Experience Weatherford, and maybe even catch a bite to eat. 

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