• Michele Wright-REALTOR®

Always get an inspection!

It's always a good idea to go into a home purchase with eyes wide open. (even if it's a new build!) It's a line of defense in your negotiations and allows you to know if the home is worth the price.

Currently, in the North Texas Market, you can expect to pay around $350-500 for an inspection of a home of around 2500 square feet, with no pool or septic, or crawl space. Every inspector sets their own pricing, and offers their own depth of report, so be sure to shop around. Don't hesitate to ask for a sample report so you better understand the lingo and depth of detail. Personally, I prefer someone excessively thorough so I have a clear picture of my home. Be sure you feel comfortable asking your inspector questions and develop a rapport. If you need further guidance, talk out your concerns and fears with your licensed realtor. We do this for a living and can help guide you through what to ask for in repairs, seller concessions and even when to walk away. (we can even help refer you to a plethora of inspectors that we trust!).

Buying a new-build? Get that third party inspector out there. Every new build can have fixable mistakes and it's better to be safe than sorry. Many builders will tell you that they have inspectors, but those are making sure different stages of construction are completed to code. A third-party inspector will be able to review the home for you. It never hurts to put another pair of eyes on the property. After all, this is a large purchase, and your forever home- make sure it's exactly what you want! :)

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