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5 Ways to Automatically Water Your Plants When You're Gone

By: Deirdre Sullivan

Published: August 3, 2012 by HouseLogic and NAR

These DIY plant watering systems are a traveler's best friend.

Sure, you can hope your neighbor or friend remembers to care for your houseplants during your next vacay. Or, you could forgo the favor and opt for one of our five self-watering ideas.

Tip: Before you pack your bags, do a test run. Otherwise, you risk vacation buzz kill when you get home.

Solution #1: Drip Water Irrigation System

This cheap solution only requires one plastic bottle for each houseplant. For potted trees, you may want to double-bottle to make sure water is dispensed evenly.  Tips: Make sure each planter is saturated with water before inserting the plastic bottle. Otherwise, the bottle will quickly empty.  If water flow is being blocked by compacted dirt, glue a tiny piece of screen to the bottle opening to prevent clogs. Why we like: Easy, quick fix Trip length: 3 days Set-up time: 5 minutes per plant If you don’t like the look of upended water bottles, here’s an elegant alternative: aqua globes.

  • Globes are available in two sizes, so make sure the style you purchase is appropriate for your plant.

  • The planter needs to be saturated with water before you insert the globe.

  • To avoid the impacted dirt at the tip, embed the globe at an angle.

Why we like: It’s a pretty and easy solution that can be used 24/7. Trip length: up to 3-5 days Set-up time: 3 minutes per plant

Solution #2: String Watering System

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