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13 Activities to cure COVID-19 Boredom...

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Coronavirus got you down? Maybe it's the cabin-fever that has set in...  Good news! I have some ideas to help you beat the boredom! (complete with links, too!) 1. Puzzles. These brainteasers come in all varieties, from traditional pieces that you put together as a family to a variety of online options as well. (and some even let you print your own to distribute!)

Soduku Crossword with USA Today Crossword with Merriam-Webster Dictionary Word Search Puzzles Mahjong Games Online Jigsaw puzzles

2. Music. Dust off those old musical instruments that have been standing as a clothes rack for years, because it is time to serenade those neighbors!  Don't have one? I have the online versions.....  Not musically inclined? Scroll through Facebook for your favorite artist... they might just be doing free concerts! Seriously! Online Keyboard/Piano Flowkey app (to learn piano) (iOS) (GooglePlay) Virtual Guitar (and more)

3. Learn a Language. It's time to focus on broadening your horizons and add to that skillset!

Duolingo ​Rosetta Stone

Mango  ​Babble

4. Read a book. It's time to dust off those other things you might have lying around. Dive into a self-help book or entertain yourself with a work of fiction. (and if you are a member of a public library, you can check out their books for free using the OverDrive app.)!

Audible Open Library ​Smashwords

Project Gutenberg Google Books Internet Archives (for books)

5. Meditate. Find your zen and take a moment to focus those chakkras.... or at least not kill your significant other/offspring... :)

Mindful ​Calm app Headspace app

Gaiam 5 minute Youtube Meditation Mindfulness Meditation-10 minute​ Youtube

6. Google pictures of puppies and kittens. For that matter, any baby animal would suffice. 

7. The Written Word. Time to bust out some paper and pen and write. Take time to write a short story, Pen a letter to a loved one, write thank you notes to service men and women, write notes to those seniors trapped without visitors.... Just start writing. 

Operation Gratitude ​Hallmark ideas for Thank you Notes

Ideas for Nursing Homes Martha Stewart's Tips for Pen Pals

8. Learn a New Skill. Youtube is a wondrous place to learn a new skill. You can pick up new skills in makeup application, gardening, cooking and even some handiworks. Check out just some of my ideas below: (Many teachers even have YouTube channels teaching your kids something new or to watch cool science experiments. Use at your own discretion.)

Learn to Crochet ​Make a Spring Wreath Paint with Bob Ross Re-fabbed DIY tutorials

Calligraphy for Beginners sciencedonewright (from my teaching days)(check out the playlists too for more videos) Ragweed + Lace DIY tutorials

9. Bust out the board games. Or cards... or wii.... whatever has been hanging out at your house just yearning for some good old-fashioned family fun!  Home alone? Skype, FaceTime are great options to connect with friends and family far and wide. (or check out Pogo to play online without the physical game)

10. Tackle the Clutter. Time to find the bodies for all those random Tupperware lids you have floating around, or maybe find the missing socks to make some pairs. Not feeling motivated? Go watch Marie Kondo on Netflix, or perhaps an episode of Hoarders.... that gets me ready to clean the house!

WrightNextDoor on Pinterest KonMari Method

10 hacks from The Spruce Good Housekeeping's Spring Cleaning List

11. Flatten your Flab. Maybe your quarantine snacks were supposed to last weeks, and by day 2 you were wondering where they went?  lol. Or maybe you are just feeling stir crazy because the gyms around you are all on lockdown.... Here are some quick links to get you back to trim.

Daily Burn Tips from Women's Health Magazine

20 minute full body no equip workout (youtube) ​Low Impact Workouts on Youtube

12. Interview your Family. Create questions to get to know your family even better. Bonus points if you record them to save for future generations. Sites like ancestry.com are also great for uploading those treasures and is a great resource for better understanding where you came from. Need further genealogical help? Check out my links below.

Family Interview Questions ​Find a Grave National Archives and Record Administration Texshare.netFamily Search ​Genealogy RootsWeb USGenWeb.org

13. Search for a Home. Planning to move? Want to know your home's value? Just want to be nosy and check out what's selling in your neck of the woods? Check with your local realtor... aka- me! lol. or check out my "buy" tab to see what's on the market. Want a personalized search? Reach out to me and I can set you up on the most current market search directly to your inbox. (and if you are thinking about selling, I can provide you with a CMA to know what your home could be listed at TODAY!)

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